GDS Aero is pleased to announce another solution for your Falcon! We have designed and certified a replacement water filter mounting base manufactured using stainless steel. Replace your plastic water filter mounting base for the last time with our FAA/PMA certified part. Eligible for installation on all Falcon 900, 2000, and 7X model Falcons. 2 Year Warranty.
GDS Aero is pleased to announce another solution for your Falcon! We have designed and certified a replacement water filter mounting base manufactured using stainless steel. Replace your plastic water filter mounting base for the last time with our FAA/PMA certified part. Eligible for installation on all Falcon 900, 2000, and 7X model Falcons. 2 Year Warranty. 

LED Lighting STC# ST04062CH & ST04265CH

Falcon 2000/2000EX  and Falcon 900EX


Make your cabin brighter and more inviting with new lighting.  We have a number of LED kits at great prices. All our LED Lighting includes the following key points:


  • Approximately 50 man hours to install
  • No headliner removal (for aircraft with subway style lights) to install LED tubes.
  • Plug and play installation except for minor wiring modification for the 4 dimmers.
  • Reduces electrical load on aircraft by 17.5 amps.
  • Retains the installed switches and controls.
  • 8 ways tube holders allow for aiming of LED tubes without the possibility of tubes rotating over time.
  • Complete LED retrofit: wash & reading lights using same technology, same colors (Warm, Natural and Cool Whites).
  • LED bulbs and LED Tubes are voltage regulated: no light intensity variation with voltage oscillation.
  • All products designed to work together: Not mixing two different technologies such as inverters with high output toward LED tube instead of Fluorescent lamp.
  • All products designed to last:
    LEDs not used at their maximum intensity to ensure long life expectancy and to avoid change of color with time: MTBF of 127,648 hour for LED Bulb. Voltage regulated. Using Amphenol plugs.
  • 3 Year Warranty for Parts starting from kit Delivery Date.

Photo by Bizjet Photos

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